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        SectionⅠ Use of English


        Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark [A], [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

        Ancient Greek philosopher viewed laughter as “a bolidy eercise preicious to heath.”But 1 some claims to the contrary ,laughing probably has little influence on physical fitness. Laughter does 2 short-term changes in the function of the heart and its blood vessels, 3 heart rate and oxygen consummption ,But because hard laughter is difficult to 4 ,a good laugh is unlikely to have 5 benefits the ,say,walking ot jogging does

        6 ,instead of straining muscles to bulid them, as exercise does, laughter apparently accomplishes the 7 ,studies dating back to the 1930’s indicate that laughter 8 muscles, decreasing muscle tone for up to 45 minutes after the laugh dies down

        Such bodily reaction might conceivably help 9 the effects of psychological stress.Anyway, the act og laughing probably does 11 one classical theory of emtion, our feelings are partially rooted 12 physical reactions. It was argued at the end of 19th centry that humens do not cry 13 they are sad but they become sad when the tears begins to flow

        Althiugh sadness also 14 tears ,evidence suggests that emotions can flow 15 muscular responses. In an experimemt published in 1988, social psychologist Fritz Strack of the University of wiirzburg in Germany asked volunteers to 16 a pen eigher with their teeth-thereby creating an artificial smile-or with their lips, which would produce a(n) 17 expression. Those forced to exercise thrie enthusiastically to funny catoons than did those whose months were contracted in a frown, 19 that expression may influence emotions rather than just the other way around 20 ,the physical act of laughter could improve mood

        1. [A] among [B] except [C]despite [D] like

        2. [A] reflect [B]demend [C]indicate [D]produce

        3. [A] stabilizing [B] boosting [C] impairing [D] determining

        4. [A] transmit [B]sustain [C] evaluate [D] observe

        5. [A] measurable [B]manageable [C]affordable [D]renewable

        6. [A] In turn [B] In fact [C] In addition [D] In brief

        7. [A] opposite [B]impossible [C]average [D] expected

        8. [A] hardens [B] weakens [C] tightens [D]relaxes

        9. [A] aggravate [B] generate [C] morderate [D] enhance

        10. [A] physical [B] mental [C] subcinscious [D]intermal

        11. [A] Except for [B] According to [C] Due to [D] As for

        12. [A] with [B] on [C] in [D]at

        13. [A] unless [B] until [C] if [D] because

        14. [A] exhausts [B] follows [C] precedes [D] supresses

        15. [A] into [B]form [C] towards [D] beyond

        16. [A] fecth [B] form [C] pick [D] hold

        17. [A] disappointed [B] excited [C] joyful [D] indifferent

        18. [A] adapted [B] catered [C] turned [D] reacted

        19. [A] suggesting [B] requiring [C] mentioning [D] supposing

        20. [A] Eventually [B] Consequently [C] Similatly [D] Conversely











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