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        Section1 Use of English&s3 h6 c& |" O) ]" T4 t7 c


        Read the following text .Choose the word(s) for each numberedblank and mark A,B,C or D on the ANSWER SHEET .(10 points)

        As many people hit middle age, they often start to notice thattheir memory and mental clarity are not what they used to be .Wesuddenly can't remember ___we put the keys just a moment ago ,or anold acquaintance's name, or the name of an old band we used to love.As the brain ___,we refer to these occurrences an "seniormoments." ___ seemingly innocent , this loss of mental focus canpotentially have a(n) ___impact on our professional, social , andpersonal___.

        Neuroscientists ,experts who study the nervous system ,areincreasingly showing that there's actually a lot that can be done.It ___out that the brain needs exercise in much the same way ourmuscles do ,and the right mental ___can significantly improve ourbasic cognitive ___.Thinking is ___essentially a ___of makingconnections in the brain .To a certain extent ,our ability to ___inmarking the connections that drive intelligence is inherited .ability to ___in making the connections are made through effort andpractice ,___,because these connections are made through effort andpractice , scientists believe that intelligence can expand andfluctuate ___ mental effort .

        Now , a new Web-based company has taken it a step ___anddeveloped the first " brain training program " designed to actuallyhelp people improve and regain their mental ___.

        The Web-based program ___ you to systematically improve yourmemory and attention skills . The program keeps ___of your progressand provides detailed feedback ___ your performance and improvement.Most importantly, it ___modifies and enhances the games you playto ___ on the strengths you are developing - much like a(n) ___exercise routine requires you to increase resistance and vary yourmuscle use .

        1.[A]where [B]when [C]that [D]why

        2. [A]improves [B]fades [C]recovers [D]collapses

        3. [A]If [B]Unless [C]Once [D]While

        4. [A]uneven [B]limited [C]damaging [D]obsucure

        5. [A]wellbeing [B]envirenment [C]relationahip [D]outlook

        6. [A]turns [B]finds [C]points [D]figures

        7. [A]roundabouts [B]responses [C]workouts [D]associations

        8. [A]genre [B]functions [C]cicumstances [D]criterion

        9. [A]channel [B]condition [C]sequence [D]process

        10. [A]persist [B]believe [C]excel [D]feature

        11. [A]Therefore [B]Moreover [C]Otherwise [D]However

        12. [A]according to [B]regardless of [C]apart from [D]insteadof

        13. [A]back [B]further [C]aside [D]around

        14. [A]sharpness [B]stability [C]framework [D]flexibility

        15. [A]forces [B]reminds [C]hurries [D]allows

        16. [A]hold [B]track [C]order [D]pace

        17. [A]to [B]with [C]for [D]on

        18. [A]irregularly [B]habitually [C]constantly [D]unusually

        19. [A]carry [B]put [C]build [D]take

        20. [A]risky [B]effective [C]idle [D]familiar) F)











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